ECO Tea for cough and bronchitis Meal Balance® - Product code:570, Life Care
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ECO Tea for cough and bronchitis Meal Balance®

combats cough and bronchitis

clear the airway

action soothing and anti-inflammatory

good expectorant and antitussive

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4.99 GBP
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30 g
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The BIO tea against cough and bronchitis Meal Balance® is ideal in fighting simptoms such as coughs and bronchitis. It boosts expectoration and releases the respiratory system.

Directions for use

For a serving, take a sachet and pour over it 250 ml of boiling water. After keeping the tea covered for 15 minutes, you can drink it. We recommend 2-3 cups of tea per day for persons over 6 years. Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.
Age recommendation >18 years


Plantain (Folium Plantaginis)30g; Thyme (Herba Thymi vulgare) 20g; Chamomile (Chamomilae Flos)15g; Mallow (Herba malvae) 12g; Liquorice (Radix Liquiritiae) 5g; Isop (Planta isop)12,5g; Anason (Fructus Anisi) 5g

Expectations and advice

NO animal ingredients
NOT tested on animals
Prohibited during pregnancy
Prohibited during lactation


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