Essential Sport Pack - package for athletes - Product code:9391, Life Care
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Essential Sport Pack - package for athletes
Essential Sport Pack - package for athletes - Code 9391 Life Care

optimizes the entire body

helps to burn fat faster

ideal for active people

synergistic effect of the products

provides the daily requirement of protein, fibre and vitamin

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Essential Sport Pack – The specially designed package that brings you basic products to start a life full of motion!

The package is composed of:
>> Kräuter® Magic Roll with BIO herbs, 60 ml Actions: It covers over 20 "types of pain" and areas where it can be applied!

>>Life Impulse® MagneActive magnesium spray, 60 ml Actions: Fast absorption into the skin being beneficial to the health of the joints and muscles

>>Life Impulse® L-Carnitine, 30 capsules Actions: Carries fatty acids inside mitochondria to generate energy

>>BioHAUS® ACTIVE SPORT liquid detergent with lavender, 500 ml Actions: Designed for sports clothes – removes unpleasant odours

>> Meal Balance® Vegan protein bar with cocoa beans, 40g Actions: it has a high content of protein, fibre and vitamins and is the perfect aid in post - workout recovery
>> Meal Balance® Vegan protein bar with Cappuccino, 40g Actions: Holds off hunger and provides extra energy throughout the day

Benefits and efects

Sport means health, optimism and zest for life. The favourable effects of sport on health influence the functions and systems of the human body.

The benefits to the human body through practicing sport are countless:
>>favours the growth and physical development processes;
>>eliminates the excess weight and self-regulates the body weight
>eliminates through the skin, through the sweating process a wide range of toxins, impurities, fats and hormones
>>strengthens bones, muscles, increases the functional capacity of the locomotor and cardiovascular system
>>improves physical strength and increases overall exercise capacity;
>>develops physical and mental relaxation capabilities;
>>increases self-esteem and self-satisfaction;


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