Throat drops, with BIO sage, Life Care® - Product code:451, Life Care
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Throat drops, with BIO sage, Life Care®

relieves cold symptoms

maintains the health of the neck and pharynx

vegan product

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40 g
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If you have a cold and a sore throat, you can use a natural solution. BIO sage candies relieve cold symptoms. Since ancient times, sage has been used to maintain the health of the throat and pharynx.

Benefits and efects

Relieves cold symptoms!
With a pleasant smell and a slightly bitter taste, sage is a remedy for the health of the whole body. If you feel cold or are suffering from a respiratory condition, these sage candies can help.
The nettle extract in the composition of the candies can annihilate the predisposition to the cold and at the same time help to reduce the states of fatigue.
Treat the symptoms of a cold in a natural and simple way.
BIO sage candies can be a great help when you cool down.
Enjoy the benefits of nature and take care of your health.


Isomalt, BIO natural aroma (sage oil), natural extract from plants (nettles).

Expectations and advice

NO animal ingredients
NOT tested on animals


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