Kräuter® Aroma Diffuser White - Product code:4612, Life Care
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Kräuter® Aroma Diffuser White
Kräuter® Aroma Diffuser White - Code 4612 Life Care

Integrated concept of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy device with colourful lights

USB cable

Free socket adapter

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170 g
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The Kräuter® Aroma Diffuser White device has several options:
- LED light in different colours. In an atmosphere of semi-darkness you can activate the LED light and the device will create a special effect in the room where it is placed.
- Time set. The time set option enables setting the device to operate for a duration between 30 and 120 minutes, after which it will turn itself off.
- USB cable. With the USB cable, the device can be connected to another power source outside the outlet, such as computer, laptop, or even the USB port from your car.

Benefits and efects

The aromatherapy device from Kräuter® is designed for spreading flavour into the room. In the special place for liquid, pour up to 50 ml of water with 2-4 drops of natural essential oil, depending on your preferences and needs. The device should be placed in the room or in the car where, once set, gives off a pleasant scent that stimulates the senses and relaxes you.

Directions for use

Remove the lid, pour water in the special dedicated space of the aromatherapy device, along with 2-4 drops of your favourite essential oil, then close the lid and push the MIST button. Pour 4-6 drops of your favourite essential oil in the base oil for massage if you want a massage with therapeutic effects.


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