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Program emPOWER in limba romana
Program emPOWER in limba romana - Über den Brand 1242 Life Care

lerne bequem zuhause

Kurse, Übungen, exklusive Bücher und ein Tagebuch

das komplexeste Online-Coaching-Programm

folgt sinnlich der Linie des Körpers

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Find the path to wellbeing with the most comprehensive online coaching program in Romania! Empower program contains over 10 hours of video lectures, 10 exercises with video tutorials, more tips, six exclusive books and a journal for the transformation to your wellbeing. All in an online program delivery once a month for 3 months to learn when you have the right mood in the comfort of your home.

Vorteile und Effekte

The emPOWER program exercises: 1. Live your life or the life lives you? ® 2. The wheel of life 3. From intention to change 4.Pyramid of needs 5. Life motivations 6. promoME ® 7. Map of beliefes 8. My A-team ® 9. The 3R life essentials 10.Life ® plan


EXCLUSIVE books you will receive: 1. "The important things are the "EMERGENCIES" of well-being ", 2. "Rediscover your true calling", 3. "Free yourself from worry and live HERE and NOW", 4. "Consciousness to the 17th power", 5. "Destress yourself and regain your joy of living", 6. "The harmonization of body, mind, soul, spirit"


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