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Who can access this Program?

  • Any partner Life Care who takes decision to have the role of Partner developer in UE* and do not access the program development Life Care International-Star.
  • by identifying a potential great Leader named next champion, with residence in one of the EU countries with the aim of effectively * for sale in that country or in another EU country *.  


One who identify potential Leader of the champion will be named next recruiter. The leader who will develop itself will still be named CHAMPION.

EU* = any country in Europe in which Life delivered, less than Romania and Hungary


Registration period: 1 July-31 December 2022

How until it achieves registration in the program?

  • Free, by email to the address with the Ambassador/Diamond in cc until the 20th of the month for the following month, 1 month validity considered.


Conditions program:

What would you do if you want to take advantage of the program "INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT-LIFE CARE CHAMPION"?  

  1. Look around you, you as a RECRUITER (in your team on the same line, sponsorship), and choosing the right partner with which you want to get out on the road/in this Program to enter.  
  2. In the viewfinder the objective: sale of 100,000 euros of net CHAMPION in one year starting with the month of enrollment in the program. Selling is the nccesarry and I have to be registered only in EU* (* = any EU country in Europe in which Life delivered, less than Romania and Hungary).
  3. Because you work together, celebrate together success and once you achieve the desired objective, both for the benefit of performance bonuses.
  4. Make an action plan together, followed by a 3:2 and Life.  
  5. Take into consideration the use of the instruments, programmes and campaigns.   
  6. Will meet monthly-(online or face-to-face) several times in the formula (recommended):
  • 1 of 1 (spoilers, analyse).
  • at the hall (with the aim of recruiting business-opportunity + opportunity products)
  • with other leaders (for information and feedback on programs and campaigns in force)
  1. Organized along other actions of prospecting (recommended).
  2. Participate in events organized by the company for connection (recommended).  
  3. Send your feedback to the company on a monthly basis with a status of plan to work together.


Who are the beneficiaries of this program and how win?

  • RECRUITER: 4000 euro net-euro > 1000 of which on reaching the threshold of 50,000 euros and difference to the ultimate objective.
  • Champion: 8000 euro net-euro 2000 > from which to attain the threshold of 50,000 euros and difference to the ultimate objective


Important disclaimer :

  • the CHAMPION need not necessarily be his new partner
  • if the CHAMPION is not a new partner, selling 100,000 euros net should be in addition to media sales made in the last 3 months before registration in the program.
  • The CHAMPION doesn't necessarily have to be positioned directly, can be uploaded and in depth the structure of the recruiter
  • The CHAMPION can to recruit another partner in the program with the mention that after registration, personal selling program will be monitored from him up to the trainee is in the program. Any registration in the same network will be punctual analysis on the principle of avoiding the payment of performance fee on the same sale.
  • The CHAMPION can opt for the program development Life Leaders International-STAR-but only after you quit the program that is already registered, in this case-the CHAMPION and are recalculated target.



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