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Who is it for?

To all Life Care® PARTNERS in Europe


What do you have to do to participate in this campaign?

First of all to be Life Care® PARTNER - EXCLUSIVE PARTNERS campaign

To be ACTIVE in July (1-31 July 2020) and to place at least one minimum value order (in lei, ft-ert, euro, depending on the country of origin) in the anniversary month.

And you enter AUTOMATICALLY in the draw



What is the mechanism of the campaign?

All eligible orders (minimum value, depending on the country of origin) placed during the validity period of the campaign (1-31 July 2020) will be put in a tombola. More orders, more chances to win.


How many prizes are there?

There are a total of 15 prizes, in the form of a discount usable on the first order placed by the winning Partners between 5-31 August 2020. The value of each prize will be equal to the value of the order drawn, in lei, euro or forints, depending on the country of origin of the winning Designated Partner following the draw.


When will the draw take place? Where can I see the results of the extraction?

The draw will take place on August 4, 2020, and the winners will be displayed on the campaign page and on the official Facebook Life Care page.


How and when will a winning Partner take possession of the prize?


  • The prize is awarded to the first order placed by the winners between 5 and 31 August 2020.
  • Add products to the shopping cart according to the value earned
  • Select from the right, from the PROMO section “15 years discount” and “15 years transport discount”


Good luck to all!

Here are the Campaign Regulations.


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