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10 Days 10 TOP products at the SINGLE price of 2.69 euro!


62% DISCOUNT off at Kräuter® Healing body cream with BIO calendula (Code 4420)

63% DISCOUNT off at Kräuter® Devil's Claw Anti-inflammatory gel with BIO herbs, 250 ml (Code 4454)

40% DISCOUNT off at Kräuter® Anti-bacterial liquid soap, with BIO herbs (Code 4000)

62% DISCOUNT off at Foot cream for blood flow stimulation, with grapes and BIO herbs Kräuter® (Code 4330)

62% DISCOUNT off at Kräuter® Soothing body cream, with Shea butter and BIO herbs (Code 4320)

55% DISCOUNT off at BIO Aloe Vera Gel Kräuter® (Code 4082)

59% DISCOUNT off at Facial Mask Biotissima® with bee venom (Code 21245)

59% DISCOUNT off at Relaxing  shower gel with wild rose and herbs BIO Kräuter® (Code 4573)

62% DISCOUNT off at Kräuter® Magic SuperFood (Code 7008)

44% DISCOUNT off at Life Impulse® with Barley Grass BIO - Cholesterol control (Code 7440)


Add to your basket products in total value of 50 Euro partner price at every order placed between 27.11.2018 (00:01 CET) – 6.12.2018 (23:59 CET) and you could enjoy 10 discounted products while stock lasts!


How does it work?


1. Add to your basket products in total value of 50 Euro partner

2. Select from the “Promotions” section how many promotions do you want from those cu start with „10 days… ”

Choose what fits for you and add only one piece from each promotion!


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