5Allies of Immunity Pack, Life Care® - Product code:1355, Life Care
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5Allies of Immunity Pack, Life Care®
5Allies of Immunity Pack, Life Care® - Code 1355 Life Care

designed to combat the symptoms of cold and flu

for a strong immune system

unique combination of vitamins and minerals

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The "5Allies of Immunity, Life Care®" Pack is ideal for maintaining a strong immune system at this time of year, when colds and viral infectious diseases are spreading everywhere. We come to your aid and give you the perfect solution to be in the best shape.

The 5Allies of Immunity Pack contains:
>> Zinc, 15mg, Life Care®, code 7074 - Activates cellular functions
>> Quercetin Plus Vitamin C 500mg, Life Care®, code 7072 - Antiviral
>> Vitamin C, 1000mg, Life Care®, code 764 - Antioxidant
>> Complex with vitamin D3 (2000 IU), K2 and Omega 3 of flax, Life Care®, code 7044 - Assimilates calcium in bones
>> Life Impulse® Sleep&Calm with melatonin, code 8043 - Antistress

Benefits and efects

Vitamin C, 1000mg, Life Care® - code 764 helps protect cells against oxidative stress, maintains the normal functioning of the immune system and the normal formation of collagen for the normal functioning of blood vessels.
Zinc,15 mg, Life Care® - code 7074 is a mineral trace element which is essential to the body, and is important in the proper functioning of the immune system and the cellular metabolism in order to reject pathogens, thus reducing the severity and the duration of viral infectious diseases or colds.
Quercetin Plus Vitamin C, Life Care® - code 7072 is recognized for its powerful antioxidant properties, thus helping to maintain the health of the immune, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and it has remarkable properties in the control of allergies.
Complex with vitamin D3 (2000 IU), K2 and Omega 3 of flax, Life Care® - code 7044 maintains bone health, improves mood, supports the functioning of the immune system and the smooth functioning of the cardiovascular system.
Life Impulse® Sleep&Calm - code 8043 is a dietary supplement that helps you relax, fall asleep faster and have a more restful sleep due to the fast-acting formula based on melatonin and concentrated sour cherry juice


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