BIO syrup with fennel and thyme, Life Care® - Product code:431, Life Care
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BIO syrup with fennel and thyme, Life Care®

Fights dry cough

Calms throat irritations

Calms sore throats

Maintain respiratory health

Vegetarian product

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BIO syrup with fennel and thyme, Life Care® is a natural painkiller, combats dry cough, soothes and calms irritations caused by hoarseness. Maintains a healthy throat and airways.

Benefits and efects

The BIO syrup with fennel and thyme, Life Care® is a therapeutic product for the throat and airways. The syrup is a combination of fine honey from flowers, with fennel and thyme oil, with a calming effect and a natural aid in case of throat problems caused by cough or irritation. The thyme and fennel have multiple effects, over the airways and throat. Does NOT contain additives, artificial flavors, sweeteners and colourings.

Directions for use

We recommend the administration of one spoon containing pure product or product dissolved in liquid three times per day. It not recommended for babies under 12 months. Do not store at temperatures exceeding 25 degrees.


Ingredients of honey from flowers chosen 50%, agave syrup, fennel oil, thyme oil. All ingredients come from organic sources, biological control.

Expectations and advice

NO animal ingredients
NOT tested on animals


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