BioHAUS® Fabric softener - Product code:915, Life Care
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BioHAUS® Fabric softener
BioHAUS® Fabric softener - Code 915 Life Care

Eliminates electrostatic pressure

Pleasant smoothing

Fresh scent

Protects fibre wear


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13.49 EUR
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1000 ml
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BioHAUS® created a modern fabric softener, offering laundry a pleasant softness and a fresh scent. Eliminates electrostatic voltage.

Benefits and efects

TheBioHAUS® Fabric softners protects fibers against early wear. Gives landry a softer and a pleasant fresh, a healty smell, while being less creasing for easier ironing.
It is biodegradable. The balm quickly dissolves in water.

Directions for use

Add the fabric softener into the rinse water for laundry. Do not put directly on clothes.
Alergic persons additionally have to rinse the laundry, eventually to repeat the final rinse cycle. Keep out of reach of children.


5%<15% cationic surfactants, <5% perfumes (perfume oil creation of natural essential oils), limonene, linalool. Further ingredients: water, alcohol, calcium chloride, citric acid.

Expectations and advice

NO animal ingredients
NOT tested on animals


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