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Biotissima® Beauty Expert Kit

Innovation in hydration and lifting

Four complete stages

Only 16 minutes

Result measuring

Awarded ingredients

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The kit contains: Captain Beauty - revolutionary device that helps rejuvenate the skin by covering the complete 4 phases: cleaning, massage, hydration and LIFTING; Age Counter - level moisture analyzer, Biotissima® Serum moisturizing face immediately and deeply containing innovative ingredient Pentavitin with international award, Biotissima® Serum lifting, skin rejuvenation effect containing innovative ingredient Neodermyl - international award winning, Biotissima® Hyaluron & Collagen Complex alimentar- supplement capsules for healthy skin, nails and hair, biphasic Cleansing and Toning Lotion Biotissima® with Aloe Vera Biotissima®, both certified Ecocert!

Benefits and efects

Pass the steps of our BEAUTY EXPERT program and quickly regain your skin's youthful radiance! up to 7% in addition to the normal hydration level of your skin, from the first 7 days *! Up to 15% wrinkle reduction in only 15 days *! The program has been carefully thought out, based on simple principles: INNOVATION: brings the latest technology from the research field (the galvanic current, infrared), as well as the most popular products with ingredients that have tangible effects, scientifically proven SYNERGY: a complete approach to the skin, both from inside (through nutritional supplements with hyaluron and collagen), and from the outside, through a program that covers 4 essential steps:Cleaning, massage, hydrating, LIFTING MEASURING: continuous monitoring over the effectiveness of our programme, with the help of our specials devices for measuring the various indicators of comfort: everything you need can be found in an elegant and secure kit that involves speed (only 16 minutes), easy to use, at any time, in the comfort of your own home, holidays, in the lounges, etc. * tests carried out on people with different ages and on all types of skin * *the source is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2013, referring to rise of the Neodermyl ingredient.

Directions for use

Guarantee: 24 months from date of purchase of the product


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