Detox foot patches, MINERAL, Life Care® - Product code:4058, Life Care
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Detox foot patches, MINERAL, Life Care®
Detox foot patches, MINERAL, Life Care® - Code 4058 Life Care

100% natural

removes toxins from the body

improve the health of the body

restore the balance of the body

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The human body is an extraordinarily complex and efficient mechanism that might take care of itself if we lived in a pollution-free environment and had a healthy diet. Organs with excretory functions work wonders in maintaining the integrity of the immune system and protecting the body from toxicity. Sadly, however, the environment in which we live, with all that it offers us, makes it difficult for these organs to function properly, which means they need help from outside.
DETOX - a concept that has gained so much popularity in recent years that we can no longer imagine our lifestyle without "detox", it helps our body function optimally.
Detox means using special products that help remove toxins from the body, thus improving health.

Benefits and efects

Detox foot patches, MINERAL, Life Care® - a natural and fast method of eliminating toxins from the body, are part of this category of special health-enhancing products.
>> Improve sleep quality
- if toxins are removed, an environment conducive to restful and healthy sleep is created
>> Relieves fatigue
- you get a natural boost of energy for optimal body function
>> Helps the immune system
- body detox results in the proper functioning of internal organs which helps boost the immune system as you will be able to absorb nutrients better.

The patches contain:
>> bamboo vinegar
>> ginger extract
>> vitamin C
>> tourmaline

Directions for use

Apply with the adhesive on clean foot sole skin. Ideal to use at night; to be removed after 8 - 12 hours. Continue using the patches until the colour after use becomes lighter, indicating that the toxins have been removed.


A box contains 10 patches.


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