Organic Chlorella, Life Care® - Product code:7075, Life Care
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Organic Chlorella, Life Care®
Organic Chlorella, Life Care® - Code 7075 Life Care

important source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals

good detoxifier at the cellular level

reduces oxidative stress

essential nutrients

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Chlorella is a microalga, which is considered to be a natural superfood, extremely nutritious and rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that can be consumed in the form of tablets or powder added in various smoothies.
It is said to be the greenest alga on Earth, due to its very high chlorophyll content, it is very small and grows in freshwater. The high chlorophyll content has a major role in the processes of cell detoxification and oxygenation of the body, eliminating toxic substances from the body, such as heavy metals, thus improving the immune system.

Benefits and efects

The beneficial properties of Chlorella on the body:
>>It is an important source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals
>>It is a good detoxifier at the cellular level
>>Energizes, vitalizes and remineralizes
>>Oxygenates cells
>>Strengthens the immune system
>>Balances blood circulation
>>Reduces oxidative stress
>>Supports physical and mental activity

Directions for use

It is recommended 2-5 tablets per day for adults and 1 tablet per day for children from 6 years of age.


Box of 60 tablets - 24g. One tablets contains the following: 400 mg organic Chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris).

Notified by MS/ CRSPT: Series AB, No. 2377


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