Smoothie MANIA package - Product code:1401, Life Care
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Smoothie MANIA package
Smoothie MANIA package - Code 1401 Life Care

Eat Healthy every day

More free time

GIFT: 10 Recipes Guide

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You benefits from buying the Smoothie MANIA Pack by Life Care® :

- Base for a healthy diet Vegan - Smoothie Meal Balance® Protein, Detox, Green (code: 1307, 1306, 1308)

- Health amplifiers - food supplements Life Impulse® Super Energy (code: 815), Life Impulse® Lecithin Plus with soy (code: 748), Life Impulse® Resveratrol Plus (code: 7490), Life Impulse® ECO Mix Graviola (code: 7010), Life Impulse® ECO Spirulina (code: 7013), Life Impulse® MultiPlusVit (code: 7610), Life Impulse® SlimME (code: 7016), Life Impulse® Gel with BIO Aloe Vera pulp (code: 804), Life Impulse® TurmeriCool (code: 7012), Life Impulse® Vitamin C 1000mg (code: 764)

- NutriBlender Drink & GO as a GIFT

- The complete recipes guide - 10 healthy and delicious recipes! Ingredients and combinations validated by specialists in the field, and, for your information, we offer you all the nutritional information about them. This way, you will find out exactly how many proteins, fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates, fibres, sodium, sugars and calories to eat - as a GIFT

-FREE shipping

Benefits and efects

We all want to be IN GREAT SHAPE EVERY SINGLE DAY: in school, at work, while jogging, when going out for a walk with our friends, WHEREVER WE GO :)

Do "SOMETHING GOOD" for your health and the health of the people you care for! Smoothie MANIA by Life Care® is an innovating concept, aimed at handing to you on a platter everything you need, while YOU and those you love:

-eat healthy every day
-gain time for your chores during the day
-and for doing what you like :)

Directions for use

NutriBlender Drink & GO can not be purchased separately.

Please read the instructions carefully before using this product and save the manual for future use
The warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase of the product (Law no. 449/2003)


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