Life Impulse® MultiPlusVit KIDS - Multivitamins and Calcium for children - Product code:7620, Life Care
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Life Impulse® MultiPlusVit KIDS - Multivitamins and Calcium for children

immunity complete formula

rich in calcium and vitamin D3

does not contain sugar or gluten

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12.99 EUR
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30 g
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Benefits and efects

The MultiPlusVit KIDS food supplement based on a complex formula of vitamins and calcium is essential for the proper development of the child's body. The vitamins B, C and E play an important role in the metabolic energy and in the normal function of the nervous system.The calcium and vitamin D3 help to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Directions for use

We recommend 1-2 capsules a day,preferably to be consumed during meals, starting with the age of 3 years


Teddy bears 30 tablets, ingredients for 2 200 tablets: calcium-200 mg-25% of the RDA; Vitamin C-70.0-88% of mg RDA; Vitamin B3-10.0 mg-63% of the RDA; Vitamin E-8.0 mg 67% of the RDA; Vitamin B5-4,0 mg 67% of the RDA; -0.9 mg vitamin B2-64% of the RDA; Vitamin B1-0.8 mg-73% of the RDA; Vitamin B6 0.5 mg-36% of the RDA; Folic acid-150.0 µ g-75% of the RDA; Vitamin D3-1.5 µ g-50% of the RDA; Vitamin B12-1,5 µ g-60% of the RDA. RDA = recommended daily dose.

Expectations and advice

NO animal ingredients
NOT tested on animals


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