EchinaPlus with echinacea, propolis and vitamin C, Life Care® - Product code:856, Life Care
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EchinaPlus with echinacea, propolis and vitamin C, Life Care®

Natural solution against colds and flues

Supports the immune system

Suitable for the entire family

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50 g
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EchinaPlus - natural enemy of colds, supporter Nr. 1 of the immune system!10 bags- 50 g

Benefits and efects

EchinaPlus is a dietary supplement that brings the benefits of a synergistic triplet, consisting of echinacea, propolis and vitamin C from rose hip,a natural source that helps the respiratory system, known for their beneficial effects on the immunity system. In addition, the recipe contains a special natural ingredient, aqueous extract of Larix bark laricina Larch, with major benefits in supporting the immune system.

Directions for use

Method of administration: 1-3 sachets/day dissolved in 200 ml of warm water. Recommended for children older than 2 years (one sachet per day) and for adults. The efficacity of the product is even higher, if its administration is done at the first unpleasant respiratory symptoms.


Isomalt, dry hydroalcoholic extract 100: 1 of rose hips (Rosa canina), with 50% Vitamin C-1000 mg (RDA * - 625%), ResistAid ™ (Larch arabinogalactan / aqueous extract from the bark of Larix laricina / Larix occidentalis) -500 mg dry hydroalcoholic extract of aerial parts of Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) -200 mg of sodium bicarbonate (acidity) of a hydroalcoholic extract of propolis (based on gum arabic, sucrose and silicon dioxide) -50 mg, zinc gluconate, zinc providing 7 mg (70% RDA *), flavored berries, Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract 85% total steviolglicozide (natural sweetener), colloidal silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent). * Recommended Daily Allowance cf. Directive 2008/100 / EC.

Expectations and advice

NOT tested on animals


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