Life Impulse® Pure Noni ECO 500 ml - Product code:8118, Life Care
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Life Impulse® Pure Noni ECO 500 ml

100% BIO Noni Juice

BIO certified

regenerates the cells

ofers vitality

maintains a good physical and mental mood

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500 ml
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Noni fruit helps fight free radicals, because of its high level of antioxidants, vitamin C and Selenium.It provides a good mood and energy to the human body. Life Impulse® Pure Noni maintains the physical and mental tonus, while it revitalizes the body and the mind. Noni fruit stimulates the pituitary system (serotonine and melatonin), it has a regenerative action over the cells, strenghtens the human bodyl, while it prevents different diseases and protects the digestive system.

Benefits and efects

The NEW Life Impulse® Pure Noni is an absolut formula of Noni Juice, BIO certified, containing 100% pure BIO noni fruit juice, from French Polinezia. The product does NOT contain preservatives, colors or any thinckening ingredient.

Directions for use

30 ml/day for adults, and 10 ml/day for children starting the age of 3.


100% BIO Noni Juice

Expectations and advice

NO animal ingredients
NOT tested on animals
Pregnant and breastfeeding woman, or people with sensitivity to any of the ingredients need to get doctors approval before using this product.


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