Meal Balance® Cereal ECO bar with chocolate - Product code:9013, Life Care
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Meal Balance® Cereal ECO bar with chocolate
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optimum intake of fibre


delicious taste

BIO certified

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1.49 EUR
Netto quantity:
25 g
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Buy the second Cereal bar with 60% discount: chocolate (9013), maple syrup and dates fruit (9257). Only for Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands


BIO certified product

Benefits and efects

Try a healty breakfast or snack with an optimum fibre content. Provides extra energy, while containing 17% of the recommended daily dose of 8 vitamins and iron and 20% of the recommended daily dose of calcium.


Oat flakes *, glucose syrup *, *, puffed rice (rice flour, sugar from cane sugar, malt extract, salt), cocoa crispy, (wheat flour, rice flour *, * sugar, * cocoa powder * cheese, skimmed-milk powder, sea salt) *, corn flakes (maize, cane sugar *, barley malt extract * from); dark chocolate 6% sugar cane sugar * vegetable fat *, honey, natural flavour, emulsifier: soya lecithin. *-

Expectations and advice

NOT tested on animals


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