NauseaSTOP, pills for free movement Life Care® - Product code:7086, Life Care
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NauseaSTOP, pills for free movement Life Care®
NauseaSTOP, pills for free movement Life Care® - Code 7086 Life Care

contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive syste

revitalizes the body

strong antioxidant

vegan product

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The feeling of motion sickness is a fairly common condition of the inner ear. This occurs when there is a repeated movement in a means of transport that disrupts the inner ear. Symptoms, not at all pleasant, include nausea, general malaise, which are often accompanied by abdominal discomfort, vomiting, dizziness, headache, fatigue, cold sweats and pallor, a bad general condition of the body.

Benefits and efects

NauseaSTOP, pills for free movement Life Care®beneficial for the balance of the digestive system

The combination of BIO ginger, vitamin B6 and peppermint oil contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive system and provides a state of well-being to the body. It is ideal for removing motion sickness during transport by car, plane, train or ship. It helps reduce nausea, exhaustion and general malaise.

Ginger helps reduce abdominal discomfort by stimulating enzymes with an effective role in absorbing nutrients. Due to its detoxifying properties, it has the role of stimulating the digestive system and accelerating the metabolism. Ginger also has energizing and toning properties, and contributes to the revitalization of the whole body.

Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine promotes the metabolic functions of the body and is known for its beneficial action on the central nervous system. It has strong antioxidant effects and helps strengthen the immune system.

Peppermint oil has countless benefits, including the pain-relieving effect and calming the digestive tract. In addition, it also acts on various diseases of the nervous system, such as fatigue, headaches, migraines, neuralgia.

Directions for use

It is recommended 2 tablets per day or as needed. Preferably consume during the meal. It is recommended only for people from 16 years of age. Do not exceed the daily recommended allowance. Keep away from light and store in a cool and dry place. The normal diet cannot be replaced by using this dietary supplement. Use, preferably, by the end of period mentioned on the package. Keep the dietary supplement out of the reach of small children.


Box of 30 tablets – 15.3g e. One tablet contains the following ingredients: Sorbitol 400mg; BIO ginger powder (Zingiber officinale) 100mg; Peppermint oil (Mentha piperita) 5mg; Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 0.7mg – 50% of VNR; Magnesium stearate 5mg. NRV - Nutrient Reference Value – acc. EU Reg. 1169/2011. * - NRV is not set. Ingredient variation +/- 10%.

Notified MS/CRSPT: Series AB, No. 2582

Expectations and advice

*The effects of using the product vary from person to person and may differ from those described on the website.
NO animal-origin ingredients
NOT tested on animals
Prohibited for pregnant or lactating women


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