Portable filter, source of healty water Super Water - Product code:1126, Life Care
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Portable filter, source of healty water Super Water
Portable filter, source of healty water Super Water - Code 1126 Life Care

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Perfect on holidays

High quality special technology

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202.99 EUR
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300 g
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Benefits and efects

1. based on a special technology with high quality carbon basis and cocoa nut shells, with a very high absorption. 2. takes into account the most severe hygienic conditions in various parts of the world, uses a patented barrier against germs, reducing the risk of developing gastrointestinal diseases. 3. significantly reduces heavy metals such as lead,copper, drugs trace and hormone-like material. 4. It is produced in Germany.Its efficiency and safety as well as water hygiene where tested and validated by deTUV. 5. easy to assemble and transport due to its universal connector.

Directions for use

The filter can be screwed on all commercially available water taps; an adapter for internal threading is included. It also has the option of normal flow, without filtering, without requiring disassembly. Flow: about 0.8 -1.2l/min at a water pressure of 4bar and a water temperature of about 10°C. Replacement time of the filter cartridges/Filtering capacity o after 12 weeks or maximum 1000 liters (stationary assembly) o after 8 weeks or maximum 800 liters (in travel) *the initial filter also contains a cartridge


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