ZEO GreenGrass, natural zeolite additive, dog food, Life Care® - Product code:9397, Life Care
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ZEO GreenGrass, natural zeolite additive, dog food, Life Care®
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based on ZEOLITE

the product is not toxic

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The ideal solution for animal lovers, which solves a pressing problem - the urine stains on the lawn and grass and the unpleasant smell of excrement caused by the pet.
ZEO GreenGrass, food additive acts on the acidity of urine, regulates it by absorbing ammoniacal nitrogen that causes yellow spots on the lawn.
>> NO yellow spots;
>> NO brown grass;
>> NO unpleasant odors.

Benefits and efects

The dog is man's best friend, and its health is very important for the owner, that's why ZEO GreenGrass, natural zeolite additive, dog food, Life Care® is a product:
>> 100% NATURAL;
>> based on ZEOLITE;
>> has an immunomodulatory effect;
>> supports the balance of the gut flora;
>> has a detoxifying effect;
>> prevents alopecia (hair loss in dogs);
>> the product is not toxic.

Directions for use

Add the additive to the daily food or in water. For small dogs, weighing up to 20kg, 1g/day is added, and for large dogs, weighing more than 20kg, 2g/day is added. One teaspoon of additive has about 2g. Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. The product is not toxic, but may cause discomfort in case of eye contact. Avoid sunlight/high temperatures. Keep closed, as much as possible.


100% activated zeolite (Clinoptilolite).


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