BioHAUS® Liquid detergent ACTIVE SPORT with lavender - Product code:9390, Life Care
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BioHAUS® Liquid detergent ACTIVE SPORT with lavender
BioHAUS® Liquid detergent ACTIVE SPORT with lavender - Code 9390 Life Care


strong odor neutralizing effect

protects the delicate texture of clothing

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500 ml
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At the end of a gym workout or after running in the park we have a sense of well-being, but also an equipment that needs to be properly cleaned. The clothes for sport activities are made of technical materials, that are designed specifically to provide the best comfort during workout. Their fibers let our skin breathe or protect us from cold, as the case may be, and ensure freedom of movement when doing sports. Clean sportswear will provide you with the comfort you need to train efficiently and achieve your goals.

Benefits and efects

The BioHAUS® Liquid detergent ACTIVE SPORT with lavender is specially formulated for both sportswear and synthetic clothing. It protects the delicate texture of clothing, preserving their colors and the impermeability of the fibers. With natural BIO lavender scent, it has a strong odor neutralizing effect.

Directions for use

Shake before use. Recommended for water with any type of hardness. In order to respect the environment use the washing machine with a full load, choose the washing program with low temperature and observe the dosing instructions.


Ingredients: ≥ 5% <15% non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants <5%, perfumes (lavender essential oil*), Linalool. Other ingredients: water, ethanol, sodium salts of succinic acid and polyaspartic, citric acid, zinc ricinoleate, lactic acid. 96% of the total ingredients are of natural origin. * 0.75% din of the total ingredients originate in ecological agriculture. Contains alkyl polyglycosides /alcohol polyglycosides / alkyl polyglycosides.


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